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عنوان : مجله iPad & iPhone - 2015

1394/10/06 - 16:04:38
Get more from Apple’s new music streaming service and 115 BEST iPad & iPhone GAMES

دانلود مجله iPad & iPhone - 2015

130 صفحه | pdf |انگلیسی |6.6 مگابایت

Welcome to the latest issue of iPad &
iPhone User, the only guide you need
tothe wonderful world of iOS.
This month we’ve decided to kick back and relax.
After all, it is the summer, and what better way to
while away a few hours than playing a game on
an iOS device. In this issue, we’ve 115 of the very
best for your iPad and iPhone. Whether you enjoy
epic games or just fancy something you can dip in
and out of, we’ve got it covered. From strategy and
action games to puzzles and RPGs, these are the
very fi nest iOS gaming apps you can get.
We also reveal how you can get your hands
on iOS 9 before its autumn launch. On page 115,
we explain how you can sign up to Apple’s Beta
Programme. But what happens if you decide that
it’snot for you? On page 121, we show how to
restore your device to iOS 8.
Plus, we look at Apple Music. Our 12 tips will
ensure that you get more from Apple’s new
musicstreaming service, and are never stuck

forsomething to listen to.

1394/10/06 - 16:04:38
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